MEND Seattle is currently in the process of shifting our services to center Queer Trans Black Indigenous & People of Color (QTBIPoC) communities. As an organization we recognize that QTBIPoC folx tend to experience disproportionate amounts of mental health disparities due to large gaps in our current mental healthcare system. Here at MEND we believe that part of addressing those gaps is through the consistency of our intersectional feminist lens. What we are striving for is equity across identities.

In an effort to promote equity, we are expanding our team to include members who hold identities that have not traditionally been offered at MEND. Our hope is that these offerings will aid us in the transition to centering QTBIPoC folx while still allowing us to offer services to members of our community who do not hold these identities.

At MEND we believe that intersectionality is not only about the ways in which our own identities impact how we move through the world, but also how we can own our identities enough to interact compassionately with those who are different from us.

With this, MEND Seattle is excited to welcome Nkemdirim Onyejiaka as an intern therapist. Nkem is a graduate student at the University of Phoenix pursuing a Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree. He is also MEND’s first cis-gender male therapist and a step toward expansion of our team.

Nkem is capable and passionate about the practice of therapy through an intersectional feminist lens and is excited to work with MEND’s clients. He also brings empathy, groundedness and a sense of humor not just to his practice, but to life.