September 7, 2020

Change is hard. It's messy and bumpy, with so much uncertainty, and almost always takes longer than we wish or expect. But when we hang in there and do the hard work together, change can also bring about growth and healing and expanded perspectives, and bring us into deeper alignment into who we are and what we believe.

For over a year now, MEND has been in transition, like in the two steps forward, one step back, where the heck is the handbook and roadmap kind of way.

It’s been difficult to share with you all what’s been happening as we’ve been in process. Even our communications have had starts and stops. We are truly sorry for this, and we thank you for your grace and patience as we continue working our way through the changes we are making.

We are grateful to be ready to report back some of the places we’ve been, where we’ve landed, and where we’re headed, and we are so very excited and hopeful for what’s to come as we move more deeply into who we are and what we are about. We can't wait to share more updates and invite you all to learn more about MEND 3.0.

So stay tuned in the days to come for a series of announcements about MEND’s ownership, leadership, organizational structure, location, and more.

Here we go!

August 20, 2020

Town Hall Update:

On July 19, 2020, we held a virtual Town Hall for Mend’s former staff, alumni and community that was impacted by last summer’s events. Some folx who attended shared how they've been impacted by Mend in different ways over the years, and others who attended witnessed those who spoke and acknowledged their experiences.

We deeply appreciate each and every one for their input and participation. While at times painful, we are so grateful for the vulnerability and courage each of them took to collectively come to the table, sharing what they experienced as well as continuing to hope for the betterment of Mend. Recognizing and naming the impact that's occurred over the last 10 years is what will allow us to build an organization that more actively engages in community practices towards healing as we work towards collective liberation. We hope this will be one of many conversations we will have together.

In prior communications, we'd talked about a plan to hold a second Town Hall. While we had initially scheduled it for this summer, 8/23 to be specific, with the building of the nonprofit, moving locations, onboarding a new team, and saying good-bye to this year's cohort, we overestimated our capacity. To truly hold space and conduct a more thorough outreach for our next Town Hall, we are realizing we need more time.

For now, we plan to hold a second Town Hall some time in October, with a call to participate sent out in September. If there are ideas you would like to contribute, folx you think would be interested in attending, or feedback you would like to share about the previous Town Hall, we welcome any and all comments and suggestions.

Thank you for your time and energy. If not for each of you, Mend would not be possible. If you would like to be on our email list for these communications, please reach out to Thank you.