Intake Process

MEND Seattle is a training clinic for graduate-level and post-graduate counselors. We are able to provide low cost counseling starting in September of each year for 8-12 months. We have a variety of daytime, evening, and weekend appointments available. If you’re interested in taking the next step, the first thing we do is invite you to our Intake Process.

The first part of our Intake Process involves filling out a few forms. Upon review, we will determine if the next step is to schedule a more in-depth Intake Appointment with us. Intake Appointments are our way of ensuring that MEND Seattle is a good fit for the care you deserve and support you are needing. Intake Appointments last up to 90 minutes and cost $75.

If for any reason in our intake process we discern that our group of therapists-in-training won’t be able to provide you with the best care, due to scheduling, financial needs or level of care, we will do our best to provide referrals and resources as needed. 

To access our intake forms, please click on the "Ready to Get Started?" button below. 


We want counseling to be an inclusive resource that can support as much of the community as possible. We also need MEND Seattle to be a sustainable business so that we can support the community for years to come.

We offer a sliding scale to all of our clients, and we are grateful to each client who pays what they can based on their economic situation. We will never ask you for your income. We just ask you to honestly consider what you can sustainably pay within the sliding scale over the course of your time at MEND. No guilt. No shame.

Modeled after Rainier Beach Yoga, a local social justice yoga studio we love, here's how we think about fees. 

Supporting     $60 - Individual      $75 - Couples
The Supporting Fee is MEND’s full fee. We ask all who can pay the Supporting Fee to do so. 

Sustaining      $50 - Individual      $65 - Couples
The Sustaining Fee covers the cost of counseling and keeps our doors open.

Sponsored      $40 - Individual      $55 - Couples
The Sponsored Fee is the reduced fee we offer so that together, we can make counseling available to more people.


How much does individual therapy at MEND Seattle cost?
MEND offers counseling on a sliding scale to all clients. Here’s how we think about fees for individual counseling:

Supporting $60 Supporting is MEND’s full fee. We ask anyone who can pay the $60 fee to do so.

Sustaining $50 Sustaining covers the minimum costs to keep our doors open.

Sponsored $40 Sponsored is the reduced fee we offer to make counseling available to more people. This fee is below the cost MEND needs in order to run a sustainable business, and your counseling fee will be supported through other’s generous contributions.

I can’t afford $40-$60 per week. Can I pay less?
Unfortunately not. MEND relies solely on client fees to fund all of our operating expenses. The $40-60 pay range is the lowest fee range we can offer and still keep our doors open and our lights on.

Does MEND offer every other week or once a month counseling?
We don’t. Here’s the thing: We humans are not simple creatures, and whatever it is that brings you into therapy likely runs pretty deep and has evolved over time. We believe that it’s partly the consistency of working on your ‘stuff’ week in and week out over time that supports your growth and healing and resolves the aches and pains. Every other week counseling or monthly counseling can end up being a check-in rather than doing the deep healing work.

What payment methods does MEND accept?
We accept cash, check, and Paypal. If you’d like to use a debit or credit card, you can do so through Paypal or pay through our website.

Does MEND take insurance?
No, we operate entirely outside of the insurance system by offering a sliding scale fee to all clients. Our fees end up being about what folks pay for a co-pay without having to hit the deductible first.

Why do I have to pay for the First Session Assessment?
First Session Assessments are a best practice and an industry standard, and help us get a good sense of what brings you to therapy. Assessments at other places in Seattle can cost upwards of $200, so at $75, we’re doing what we can to keep the cost low while providing you with the best care, whether we get you in at MEND or connect you to a therapist through our referral network.

How does scheduling work?
Great question. You’ll fill out a scheduling form during the First Session. There are options on that form to let us know if you want to work with a specific therapist or if you’d like to be paired with a therapist of color or LGBTQ therapist. We take those requests seriously, so please do let us know! After we’ve got a good sense for what it is that you’re coming in for, our intake coordinator looks to match you with a therapist based on your needs and concerns. If that therapist has an open appointment time when you’re available, we’ll offer you that session time. Our counselor’s schedules do fill up, so your availability is an important factor to getting you in.

What if I get paired with a MEND therapist, and it’s not a good fit?
We know that the relationship you build with your therapist is really important to the work you do with them, and there are times when it’s just not a “fit.” If this is the case, we have a step-by-step process to help you transition counselors.

My partner(s) and I are wanting relationship counseling. What are the fees?

Supporting $75 Supporting is MEND’s full fee. We ask that anyone who can pay the full fee does so.

Sustaining $65 Sustaining covers the minimum costs to keep our doors open.

Sponsored $55 Sponsored is the reduced fee we offer to make counseling available to more people

Does MEND offer groups & workshops?
We do! Stay tuned to our website. We’ll be keeping you updated with upcoming groups and workshops to support your growth and healing.