Staff Therapists

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our team to now include staff therapists. This group of therapists have completed their graduate degree, are associate-level and fully licensed therapists, and are under the supervision of a WA State Approved Supervisor.

Unlike Mend’s Interning Therapists who commit to Mend for a limited period of time, our Staff Therapists work for Mend ongoing, so there’s no transition time or end date for your therapy. With more training and experience, the full fee for individual therapy with a Staff Therapist is $120 per session and $135 for relationship therapy. The sliding scale for therapy with a Staff Therapist for individuals is $70 - 110 per session and $85 - 125 per session for relationships.

We understand that many people come to Mend because of our sliding scale fees. We hope that along with the work of our Interning Therapists, that with this new growth, we are able to serve the community for many years to come.

Erin Arney, LMHCA 
she/her | Black | cis | Spoonie

Erin's therapeutic work focuses on promoting health equity by collaborating with clients to create healing spaces. She believes in the integral connection of the mind, body and spirit and use decolonized approaches to help people cultivate resilience and nurture their own self-healing abilities. Erin appreciates the importance of environment and socialization in the healing process and focuses her practice on facilitating understanding and acceptance to create change.

"A measure of liberation will be found in our capacity for intimacy" - Prentice Hemphill

Leah Post, MSW, MPH, LICSW 
she/her | Queer | cis | Minnesotan

Leah's therapeutic orientation pulls from narrative therapy, family systems theory and motivational interviewing. She is interested in your story and works closely with every individual to join them on their journey - whatever that may be. Leah believes in a holistic approach that incorporates every part of an individual. She identifies strongly with the values and principles that MEND operates within including an intersectional feminist, anti-racist and social justice lens.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare” - Audre Lorde

Gabes Torres, LMHCA
she/they | Filipinx | pansexual | first-generation migrant | cis | woman | neurotypical | able-bodied | ESL | child of the diaspora

Gabes was born and raised in the Philippines, and is a descendant of the Aeta Indigenous tribes of the Luzon and Mindanao islands. She comes from an ancestral lineage of nomadic healers, storytellers, musicians & poets, educators, and revolutionists.

Gabes’ therapeutic orientation intends to cultivate anti-oppressive and equitable ways to experience healing on an individual and collective level. Her hope is to have the client grow in self-awareness without being overcome by shame and judgment. She intends to have her client understand how their past relationships and experiences have an impact on their present ones, and to witness how their social identities are fundamental to their story and formation.

In her work, Gabes incorporates: 1. decolonizing the self and relationships (including one’s relation to systems) with relational psychodynamic therapy 2. racial identity and development 3. healing from internalized oppression 4. racial, migration, and post-colonial trauma 5. ancestral trauma and healing 6. sexual abuse and trauma 7. attachment theory 8. spiritual abuse and trauma 9. Filipina/x/o colonized mentality 10. narrative-based treatment.

Sydney Woolston, LMHCA
she/her | Mixed Race | cis | Christian | neurotypical | able-bodied

Sydney’s therapeutic orientation incorporates aspects of existential-phenomenology, intersectional feminism, and liberation psychology designed to increase insight around a client’s choices, while also integrating evidence-based practices and problem focused strategies to decrease distress. Sydney combines a humanistic approach with cognitive and behavioral orientations to promote clients ability to live with agency, and purpose and to nourish an openness into which clients lived meanings can emerge in their full richness and complexity. Sydney has a deep hopefulness for the capacity of human beings to endure, overcome, and transform their traumatic experiences into meaningful growth and healing. She hopes to be present with clients through their experiences of suffering and distress, help facilitate a process of meaning-making and healing, and provide the highest level of care across social and cultural differences. Sydney seeks to collaborate with clients and explore the intricacies and uniqueness of their intersecting identities, and work within the therapeutic relationship to help empower clients to live a life of authenticity and choice.

“When you breathe in, your mind comes back to your body. And then you become fully aware that you’re alive, that you are a miracle and everything you touch could be a miracle — the orange in your hand, the blue sky, the face of a child ... And that is a miracle because you know the role that suffering plays in life. And you are not trying to run away from suffering anymore” - Thich Nhat Hanh